About us
Founded in 2002, MediaConcepts specialises in helping hospitality clients provide their guests with a 360° experience – from the time they begin searching for hotel options, through to reservations, pre-arrival information, stay duration, post-stay evaluation, ongoing communication, loyalty programme and repeat booking.

We do this by offering a suite of integrated digital solutions and consultative services that enable hospitality organisations around the world to engage with their guests at every step of the cycle, in a way that encourages conversion, satisfaction and loyalty – all of which translate into increased revenue and brand equity.
A Partner Who Puts Your Guests First
With more than a decade of experience working with hospitality clients in the UK and throughout Asia, MediaConcepts understands the intricacy of building and maintaining positive guest relationships, and turning them into increased revenue and brand equity.
Blend of Creativity and Technology
MediaConcepts wraps creativity around a technologically strong offering, to create a customised solution that reflects your brand and meets your business objectives. Specifically tailored for the hospitality industry, Jasmine WebSuite comprises web-based modules that work together, to enable you to manage your online presence, ongoing communications and loyalty programmes.
Focused on Hospitality
We are focused on enriching the guest experience at every touch point, and translating that into a tangible advantage for our hospitality clients.
Extension of Your Team
MediaConcepts works as an extension of your team. By utilising proven methodologies and project management tools, we ensure that projects are delivered on schedule and with the highest level of quality that we pride ourselves on.
Our Team
The team at MediaConcepts is culturally diverse, with a unique blend of fun and professionalism. We pride ourselves on making our customers’ lives easier and better. As a highly specialised team that melds creativity with technical capabilities, we are always abreast of the latest trends – an advantage that gets passed on to our clients to keep them at the top of their game.
Founder and CEO
His passion for customer service and building personalised experiences for guests led John to leave his past life as CTO of Lotus Consulting and start MediaConcepts in 2002. John is always looking at the latest gadgets and thinking about how they can be used in the business environment. When he's not leading the team at MediaConcepts, John has an adventurous side which takes him to a more natural environment where he rock climbs or tries other adrenaline pumping activities.
Ram traded his background in mechanical engineering for a role in IT over 20 years ago, and he’s never looked back. Working closely with the front-end designers and back-end technology team, Ram is responsible for ensuring that ideas turn into practical solutions that achieve clients’ business objectives. Despite being technologically savvy, Ram prefers to leave electronic devices aside and pick up a physical book to read, or have a game of badminton in his spare time.
Anthony has been with MediaConcepts for over ten years and currently leads his team of designers and developers on the creative side of client projects. He actively engages with clients throughout the design process to fully understand their goals and target audience. Anthony designs with the end-users in mind, always striving to provide an exceptional user experience, and make life that much easier for them.